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The Siblings Play

Scheduled Opening: March 18, 2020

Cancelled due to Covid-19

"We were in previews just about to freeze. instead we were shut down a few days before opening. With some crafty pivoting, Rattlestick (under the leadership of Daniella Topol) was able to archive the final performance we were allowed to perform and we were one of the first productions in the shutdown to be able to distribute digitally to the ticket holders that already purchased tickets for the rest of the run."

Angelica Borrero - Scenic Design

Andy Jean - Costume Design

Zach Blane - Lighting Design

Michael Costagliola - Sound Design

Ren Dara Santiago - Writer

Jenna Worsham - Director

Character Boards

Scenic Boards

Light Plot

Sound Plot and Riser Diagram

Costume Renderings

Scenic Renderings

Load In

Creative Team

Production Stills

Roundtable with the Creative Team


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