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Legacy Land

Scheduled Opening: March 13, 2020

Cancelled due to Covid-19

"It was cancelled two hours before opening."

Jack Magaw - Scenic Design

Ntokozo Fuzunina Kunene - Costume Design

Cha See - Lighting Design

Luqman Brown - Sound Design

Yee Eun Nam - Projection Design

Logan Vaughn - Director

Stacey Rose - Writer

Artistic Statements

Jack Magaw: This production was one of two new plays that KCRep presented for their OriginKC New Works Festival. The other show was FRANKENSTEIN: A GHOST STORY and the shows were in repertory. It was pretty clear early on that projections and lighting would play important parts in the overall design. Many of the projection moments are specified in the script.

My job then was to create not only a canvas for the projections, but also a space where actors could move and interact as if in an actual house. The piece is a total collision of realistic requirements like eating, cooking, sleeping, etc. onstage and a emotional memory world. So I designed the play from the actors outward. The furniture, props and spacial world that they interact with is where it is most real. The house itself and the silhouette tree are the area of visual transition to the world of the physical stage itself where no attempt is made to hide the mechanics of lighting and projection.

Scenic Research

Scenic Initial Sketch

Scenic Concept / Ground Plan / Floor

Costume Renderings

Scenic Drafting

Video Sample

Production Stills


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