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Welcome to a space that celebrates the artistry of creative teams working in live performance. We invite designers with work cancelled, postponed or closed due to Covid-19 to share their work and process. Dive deeper into the rigors and joys of the theatrical design; this is a space for artists to enthusiastically focus on all phases of collaboration - embracing all styles of creation and highlighting these moments of arrested development. 


Theatre is meant to be shared with the public for a finite amount of time. While this platform will never replace the communion of the live event, this pause has democratized all manner of moments in a production. Sharing the process breathes life into the work left dormant on computers, or in empty venues, and allows artists to share different stages of their designs transparently in all their messy glory.


To serve the design community; this is by designers for designers. 

To celebrate all aspects of collaborations - within design teams, conversations with management and shops, interactions with creative influences throughout the process from conception to strike. 


To uplift the often unseen and overlooked aspects of the theatrical creative process, from the earliest notes and doodles, through correspondence, research, models, drawings, sonic sketches, to fully realized designs.



We are a constantly evolving community spanning many spaces, identities, skills, and experiences. We lift each other up at every opportunity. 


Diverse Aesthetics and Perspectives:  

We celebrate the multiplicity of lived experiences and diversity of aesthetics that intersect to envision new worlds, both on stage and off.

Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Practices:  

There is a deep history of structural racism and oppression woven through society and the theater industry. We strive to create a space that is just and inclusive, celebrating each individual’s full humanity.

Shared Resources and Mutual Growth: 

Shared knowledge and resources lead to a healthier and more sustainable field.


At the core of design is collaboration. Not everyone knows or can do everything, but together we can accomplish anything. We are interdependent and stronger for it.


A group of 11 designers came together in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to envision a platform that would showcase a snapshot of the thousands of productions that were held indefinitely or cancelled to protect the greater community amidst the health crisis.

This platform is stewarded by:

Alex Koch, Arnulfo Maldonado, Deb Sivigny, Edward Morris, Jane Shaw, Katherine Freer, Melissa Ng, Thom Weaver, David Reynoso, Masha Tsimring, and Tara Webb.


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