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The Misanthrope

Scheduled Opening: May 27, 2020

Cancelled due to Covid-19

"Design work completed, not yet executed"

Apollo Weaver - Scenic Design

Natalia de la Torre - Costume Design

Abby Schlackman - Lighting Design

Elizabeth Atkinson - Composition and Sound Design

Artistic Statements

APOLLO WEAVER: This production moves Moliere’s world of public intrigue and social hypocrisy to a modern Washington, DC. The set embraces the heightened quality of the text and the joyful collision of the past and present, imagining Celimene’s apartment as a carefully crafted showpiece – elegant, stylish, and emphatically impersonal.

NATALIA DE LA TORRE: This production featured a recent adaptation of a Moliere script placing characters and setting in current DC politics. It was the feeling of both the director and her designers to weigh the ancient vs the modern in an "80% modern, 20% ancient" scale, leaning less on whimsy and more on realism. The costumes follow the set this way: business casual and curation of haute couture pieces with clear accents pulled from late 1600s fashion. For example, Louboutin high heel shoes are best known for their red soles; this practice was popularized in the French court of Louis XIV in Versailles during the 1670s.

Costume design was still in its early stages of research and budgeting when this production was put on hold and ultimately cancelled.

Character Boards

Scenic Rendering

Ground Plan

Email Correspondence with Prospective Intern


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